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About Credit Card

1.About Credit Card

Credit card is an electronic payment card issued by banks and non-banking credit card issuers with no guarantee or cash deposit. Bearing signs of card payment organizations such as Union pay, Visa and MasterCard, credit card allow holders to pay for goods and services at a wide range of stores and service providers in different cities.

Credit card issuers provide the cardholders with a revolving account and a line of credit. Credit cards generally provide a grace period, during which no interest is incurred if customers fully pay the balance. If customers fail to pay the balance in full, credit issuers charge interest on the unpaid balance. If customers use credit cards to withdraw cash, interest is incurred based on the borrowing date.

2.Main Functions

2.1 The cardholders can confirm credit card transactions by “signature” or “signature+ PIN”.

2.2 Notification text message is provided for cardholders using credit card for payment.

2.3 The cash borrowing limit can be up to 100% of credit limit when possessing card for 6 months.

2.4 Overdraft consumption can enjoy the longest interest-free period of 56 days.

2.5 The cardholders purchasing air ticket, train ticket, boat ticket or 80% of tourism fee by credit card can have traffic accident insurance.

2.6 The cardholders could apply for installment while consuming with credit card, and according to the application, the cardholders should pay off the consumption funds in several installments (months),and each installment will be accounted in the credit card bill. The cardholders do not need to pay interest by installments, which help to solve the problem of funds deficiency, and enjoy the life in advance.

2.7 Rewarding points are perpetually available.

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